Breaking the Fifth Wall with Mixed Reality

 Trivia question: What do the following actors have in common — Kevin Spacey, Woody Allen, Jeff Daniels, Michael Caine & Matthew Broderick? Well, yeah, the title of this article does kind of give it away — they’ve all played characters who famously broke the fourth wall, of course. “Breaking the fourth wall is when a character talks directly to […]

Rewiring the brain with VR

[WARNING: ‘Arrival’ spoilers ahead!] The details and information about GTA 6 Release date are still too thin on the ground, but here are few details and information collected to give you an idea about the upcoming GTA game version 6. gta 6 launch date With the rising technology we have become addicted to PCs, laptops, […]

Simvirtua featured on Grant Thornton’s & Irish Times ‘Thinktech’

It was nice to be profiled in the second edition of ‘Thinktech’, Grant Thornton’s Technology magazine which is published in association with the Irish Times. (on pg. 9).  

HoloLens is truly a magical device

Like most people working in the VR / AR industry I’ve been following the news around Microsoft HoloLens with a heightened sense of anticipation. We’ve known for some time that the Field-of-View (FoV) isn’t as good in reality as that which was portrayed in the earliest videos but in fairness to Microsoft they’ve been making […]

Don’t Skeuomorph Virtual Reality. Morph Reality.

A skeuomorph is a derivative object that retains ornamental design cues from structures that were necessary in the original. [Wikipedia] In 2012 Tom Hobbs made a plea for user interface (UI) designers to “stop aping real-life bookshelves and suede calendars like Apple does, and go for a new philosophy”. Faux leather interface Of course one […]

I see ghosts, and so will you — the scary potential of the Holographic office

TL;DR Holographic Computing will give rise to ambient omnipresence for the workplace. Regardless of where you and other members of your distributed team are situated physically you’ll occupy mutual holographic spaces, with all the collaborative affordances of shared concrete rooms. Holographic telepresence will be to video-conferencing what Snapchat is to the fax. Original courtesy of […]

Video of my talk: ‘A New Era of Virtual Reality’

I visited the beautiful Connemara coast in Galway a few weeks ago to talk about The New Era of Virtual Reality at an event entitled ‘The Irish Language Community in the Digital Age‘. It was great to see VR being taken seriously as a way to preserve and promote a minority language among speakers and […]

VR for Education – Internet2

It was very nice to have our work on MissionV acknowledged by Internet2 as one of their favourite examples of Virtual Reality in Education.

Virtual Reality shopping in Centra

Centra is Ireland’s leading convenience retail group, with stores in over 450 locations throughout the country. We were delighted to work with the manager at one of their prize winning stores to create a Virtual Reality shopping experience and corresponding video that could highlight the convenience of shopping with the speed of digital and the […]

UK’s Visualisation Lab uses Virtual Reality to solve transportation issues

Engadget has a short piece on how the UK’s Transport Systems Catapult has launched its new “Visualisation Laboratory.” It’s called that because it depends on virtual reality to, in the agency’s own words “help generate innovation and overcome problems in the UK’s transport network.  The facility plans to install several VR systems in that lab, but […]